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Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission

Formed in 1986, the Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to develop the Central Business District of historic downtown Henderson as a visually attractive and commercially successful center of community life.


Board Members

The following lists our current board members, and their term expiration.  Also listed are ex officio members and their position within local government or organizations.

Appointed Board Members and Ex Officio Positions
  • Phil Hart, Chair, Dataforge
  • Brian Paynter, Vice Chair, Cornerstone General Contracting
  • Alec Proctor, Secretary, Kilian Engineering
  • Lois Williams, Treasurer, Rosemyr Corporation
  • Maria Bailey, Retired VGCC
  • Marcus Barrow, Chief of Police
  • Tommy Deadwyler, McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center
  • Benny Finch, retired Vance County Economic Development Director
  • Daniel Hendley, Daniel Hendley Photography
  • Kadir Ozpehlivan, George’s Restaurant
  • Alice Sallins, Vance County Arts Council
  • Paylor Spruill, City of Henderson
  • Curtis White, WW Properties
  • Corey Williams, Planning Director
  • John Barnes, Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce
  • Eddie Ellington, Mayor
  • Frank Frazier, City Manager
  • Stuart Litvin, Vance EDC
  • Terry Garrison, Vance County BoC

Community Involvement

Major functions of the Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission include the following:

  • 1.Providing Information.We provide tax credit information,business start-up information and contacts; available property and contact information,and information for certain state agencies such as the State Historic Preservation Society and NC Main Street Office.
  • 2.Initiate Positive Change.When the board or business/property owners feel change is in order, the HVDDC initiates the change through proper channels representing the needs and changing needs of the downtown district as a whole.
  • 3.Provide Incentive Grants.We provide these grants as a tool to encourage development of our historic structures. Grants are reviewed and approved by the Board in order to ensure as much consistency with design and coloration as possible. The grants are used for exterior front, rear and side facades, parking lot improvements, electrical reception transfer to the rear of buildings or for awnings and signage. The grants are paid out upon receipt of paid invoices from the applicant and are based on the actual amounts the applicant has spent. Grants are paid out on a funds available basis.
  • 4.Promote and Market Downtown Henderson.Special Events, cooperative newspaper ads, brochures about different aspects of downtown, website maintenance, local business displays, presentations to local civic organizations and clubs, and appearance on local radio and TV are all ways the HVDDC promotes functions, special downtown projects, and information about Downtown Henderson as a whole.
  • 5.Maintain Basic Downtown Henderson Appearance.Daily trash walk-down, cutting grass on all sides of the street from Williams Street to Chestnut and from Spring Street to Andrews Avenue, tree pruning, leaf gathering,weed spraying, sidewalk clean-up, bench and trash can maintenance.
  • 6.New Business Recruitment.Our goal is to create a community of complimentary, specialty type businesses that can grow from and support each other..